Making Progress

I meant to write my next blog post over the weekend, but our family welcomed a new little miracle!

20140120-205745.jpg My cousin Jacob and his amazing wife, Annie, had their first baby, Ethan James Walker. Congratulations, he’s perfect!

Now on to how my journey is going… I have already noticed a difference in my appearance and I feel fantastic, except for the fact that I keep getting sick. Although, I’ve been staying on track with my diet it is still extremely difficult. I get cravings every so often and I just want to eat everything I’m the fridge. I stop myself though and have an apple or yogurt. My diet usually consists of a meal replacement shake in the morning, salad with protein for lunch and a shake for dinner. Sometimes I will make my dinner and I have become a master of Blackened Tilapia!


I am definitely looking forward to May and seeing how much I have progressed. If I already feel this great two weeks in, I can’t imagine how great it’ll be four months from now.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and hopefully I’ll have more exciting news about my progress!