Feeling Strong, Getting Stronger

There is a lot of information out there about weight training, losing weight and gaining muscle. You can’t always trust what you hear, so it is better to do your own research. I have read a lot about this information and recently went up to Complete Nutrition with my mom to get the scoop on it all.

Out of everything we talked about, the experts told us that we should be eating a high protein diet and taking the right supplements. I was told that to really get the most out of my weights and slowly losing the belly fat, I need to be eating 200 grams(g) of protein a day. This definitely seems like a lot, but when I start I will be eating five meals a day and each meal will consist of 40g of protein. We have also decided to take two of those meals and use protein powder. This is will help me cut back on snacking and eating the wrong foods.

Muscle Milk Protein

Muscle Milk Protein

This plan has our family very excited and we will continue our journey to a healthy lifestyle. And we can’t forget about the progress in the gym. This week is my tenth week doing strength training. Slowly but surely, I have noticed that I really have gained muscle. I feel strong and once we start our new diet I will probably become stronger.

I want this to become a complete transformation. The first time I lost a large amount of weight, I was not doing any weight lifting. I ate salads and did cardio for an hour everyday. I had no muscle tone, which made it easier for me to gain back all the weight I had lost.

Weight loss can be extremely hard, but we have to remember that no one wants you to fail. You have to be persistent, determined and passionate about where you want to be.


A Few Bumps in the Road

I knew that eventually I would reach the point where I would struggle with my workout. It can be very discouraging when one day you’ve lost 15-20 lbs. and your workouts are a breeze, and then the next day you can barely lift weights and the scale shows that you are still fat. WHERE CAN I FIND A SCALE THAT WORKS!!! Don’t get me wrong, I still feel great and can notice a difference, but it sucks to have some setbacks.

While doing a little research, I found that if you aren’t giving your body enough nutrition it will go into starvation mode and store what you are taking in. This causes you to not lose weight and for your metabolism to slow down. I am almost afraid that this is happening to me, but wouldn’t it use my fat for energy instead? Does anyone know anything about this??

Since it’s been harder lifting after moving up a weight level, I decided to pull in some reinforcements. I bought Muscle Milk to add more protein to my diet. Hopefully, this will help me keep my strength up. We’ll see how this goes for now. photo (4)

Who’s ready for warmer weather? I sure as heck am!! I’m in desperate need of a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. I want to get out on the River Trail and ride my bike for miles! Darn you Punxsutawney Phil!!

And again, I greatly appreciate everyone’s support! Much love!

Making Progress

I meant to write my next blog post over the weekend, but our family welcomed a new little miracle!

20140120-205745.jpg My cousin Jacob and his amazing wife, Annie, had their first baby, Ethan James Walker. Congratulations, he’s perfect!

Now on to how my journey is going… I have already noticed a difference in my appearance and I feel fantastic, except for the fact that I keep getting sick. Although, I’ve been staying on track with my diet it is still extremely difficult. I get cravings every so often and I just want to eat everything I’m the fridge. I stop myself though and have an apple or yogurt. My diet usually consists of a meal replacement shake in the morning, salad with protein for lunch and a shake for dinner. Sometimes I will make my dinner and I have become a master of Blackened Tilapia!


I am definitely looking forward to May and seeing how much I have progressed. If I already feel this great two weeks in, I can’t imagine how great it’ll be four months from now.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and hopefully I’ll have more exciting news about my progress!

My Best Friend’s Wedding (Not the Movie)

I have officially started my weight loss plan! So far so good. Monday was my first day back in the gym since before the holidays. It felt great to be back and I am feeling better already.

Now, let’s get to the real focus of this plan… The hardest part about losing weight is the diet. DIETS SUCK!!!! I am determined to stick to eating right though. I have mostly had salads with Salmon or some type of protein with vegetables. What I will mist most about being unhealthy is the soda’s and beer. We have a soda machine in the kitchen where I work, every time I walk in I feel like it is taunting me. Don’t worry, I don’t look at it; I walk right past it and turn to the water cooler.

My Last Beer

It is always good to have a goal to keep you on the right track. My big focus is to compete in triathlons again, but there are a couple of events in 2014 that I have to be ready for!

In almost five months my parents and I will be heading to the beach. It has been eight years since I have stuck my toes in the beautiful sands of Florida. Mind you, my parents have been going to Pensacola, FL. since I was a freshman in college; I never got to go since I was always taking finals when they went. Yes, you can throw me a pity party. I know this sounds lame (I am also going to be as honest and “real” in my blog posts as I can), but I want to be able to take my shirt off and not feel ashamed that I don’t look as good as other people there.

The second event that I want to look spectacular at is one of my best friend’s weddings. I will be a part of this wedding and want to feel good about standing in front of a few hundred people in a three-piece tux that doesn’t fit right. I have until September to make a drastic change in my appearance, as for now though I will keep pushing forward.

I am excited to continue this progress and look forward to this new beginning. Thank you all for the support, it is what will keep me going!