The Struggle

If you haven’t noticed, I’m having a difficult time keeping up with this blog. However, my diet and workouts are getting better and better.

Four weeks ago I started using protein powder and eating five meals a day. Each meal consists of 40g of protein, luckily its made me eat better so that I’m not eating more than 2100 calories. I usually make bacon and eggs in the morning, protein shake, cottage cheese and greek yogurt for lunch, protein shake and Tilapia or some type of meat with veggies for dinner. Every now and then, I switch things up and I try to make it as easy as possible.


V-Core Vantage Protein Powder

Although progress is slow, I feel much better now than I did last month. Before when I would lift, I did the minimum reps and sets, and would feel extremely tired. Now, I lift and lift and lift. By the end of my workout my muscles can barely move the weights, that’s when I know I’ve had a good workout. I have also started concentrating on abs and lower back during days off from weights.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy. We leave for the beach in three weeks so I am trying to workout hard before I take a week off. I’m looking forward to continually changing my routine and seeing more results.