Feeling Strong, Getting Stronger

There is a lot of information out there about weight training, losing weight and gaining muscle. You can’t always trust what you hear, so it is better to do your own research. I have read a lot about this information and recently went up to Complete Nutrition with my mom to get the scoop on it all.

Out of everything we talked about, the experts told us that we should be eating a high protein diet and taking the right supplements. I was told that to really get the most out of my weights and slowly losing the belly fat, I need to be eating 200 grams(g) of protein a day. This definitely seems like a lot, but when I start I will be eating five meals a day and each meal will consist of 40g of protein. We have also decided to take two of those meals and use protein powder. This is will help me cut back on snacking and eating the wrong foods.

Muscle Milk Protein

Muscle Milk Protein

This plan has our family very excited and we will continue our journey to a healthy lifestyle. And we can’t forget about the progress in the gym. This week is my tenth week doing strength training. Slowly but surely, I have noticed that I really have gained muscle. I feel strong and once we start our new diet I will probably become stronger.

I want this to become a complete transformation. The first time I lost a large amount of weight, I was not doing any weight lifting. I ate salads and did cardio for an hour everyday. I had no muscle tone, which made it easier for me to gain back all the weight I had lost.

Weight loss can be extremely hard, but we have to remember that no one wants you to fail. You have to be persistent, determined and passionate about where you want to be.