Falling Off the Wagon

runningmemeMy diet has severely suffered and I fear that I may be falling off the wagon! It was very easy during week five to eat bad, partly because of the weather and not being able to go to the gym everyday. Luckily, I haven’t gained any extra weight. Week 6 has already started off great since I was able to run long distance today, which I haven’t been able to do for two years.

In a week and a half I will be moving back to Rogers. I’m beyond excited to be back in my hometown and with my family. However, I’m going to need all the support I can get to stay on track with my routine. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem, but I may not be able to get a new gym membership right away.

Sometimes I wish that I would lose weight as quickly as I did the last time I tried. It can be discouraging, but I know that in order to look better than I did that last time I need to take it slow and do it right. Weight lifting has already worked its magic, and within three short weeks I was able to tell and feel a difference.

Well, back to today’s workout… It felt great to be able to run longer than five minutes today! I can tell that doing Cardio intervals has helped me immensely. Hogeye 5k, watch out!! I can’t wait to get back into competing, the feeling you get when running with hundreds of people is exhilarating.

Again, I appreciate all of the support and keep following for more about my journey to a better me! Thanks!


A Few Bumps in the Road

I knew that eventually I would reach the point where I would struggle with my workout. It can be very discouraging when one day you’ve lost 15-20 lbs. and your workouts are a breeze, and then the next day you can barely lift weights and the scale shows that you are still fat. WHERE CAN I FIND A SCALE THAT WORKS!!! Don’t get me wrong, I still feel great and can notice a difference, but it sucks to have some setbacks.

While doing a little research, I found that if you aren’t giving your body enough nutrition it will go into starvation mode and store what you are taking in. This causes you to not lose weight and for your metabolism to slow down. I am almost afraid that this is happening to me, but wouldn’t it use my fat for energy instead? Does anyone know anything about this??

Since it’s been harder lifting after moving up a weight level, I decided to pull in some reinforcements. I bought Muscle Milk to add more protein to my diet. Hopefully, this will help me keep my strength up. We’ll see how this goes for now. photo (4)

Who’s ready for warmer weather? I sure as heck am!! I’m in desperate need of a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. I want to get out on the River Trail and ride my bike for miles! Darn you Punxsutawney Phil!!

And again, I greatly appreciate everyone’s support! Much love!