My Best Friend’s Wedding (Not the Movie)

I have officially started my weight loss plan! So far so good. Monday was my first day back in the gym since before the holidays. It felt great to be back and I am feeling better already.

Now, let’s get to the real focus of this plan… The hardest part about losing weight is the diet. DIETS SUCK!!!! I am determined to stick to eating right though. I have mostly had salads with Salmon or some type of protein with vegetables. What I will mist most about being unhealthy is the soda’s and beer. We have a soda machine in the kitchen where I work, every time I walk in I feel like it is taunting me. Don’t worry, I don’t look at it; I walk right past it and turn to the water cooler.

My Last Beer

It is always good to have a goal to keep you on the right track. My big focus is to compete in triathlons again, but there are a couple of events in 2014 that I have to be ready for!

In almost five months my parents and I will be heading to the beach. It has been eight years since I have stuck my toes in the beautiful sands of Florida. Mind you, my parents have been going to Pensacola, FL. since I was a freshman in college; I never got to go since I was always taking finals when they went. Yes, you can throw me a pity party. I know this sounds lame (I am also going to be as honest and “real” in my blog posts as I can), but I want to be able to take my shirt off and not feel ashamed that I don’t look as good as other people there.

The second event that I want to look spectacular at is one of my best friend’s weddings. I will be a part of this wedding and want to feel good about standing in front of a few hundred people in a three-piece tux that doesn’t fit right. I have until September to make a drastic change in my appearance, as for now though I will keep pushing forward.

I am excited to continue this progress and look forward to this new beginning. Thank you all for the support, it is what will keep me going!