Where to Begin…

I have been struggling for some time whether or not I should start a blog. Well, I have decided to start one, but this blog is more of a motivator to help me stay consistent with losing weight and becoming the person I want to be. This isn’t really a place where I give tips to help others; this blog is to help me keep up with my journey.

Growing up on the heavy side has always been difficult. I had tried many times to lose weight by going on stupid diets that left me starving. There was a moment my junior year of high school that really made me want to try harder. I decided to join my high school Cross Country team and worked on running all summer. I never changed my eating habits, so I only lost inches instead of drastically losing weight. It wasn’t until I started waiting tables in college, that I noticed I was losing weight. Since I was only eating one meal a day I had lost 25 lbs. in just a few weeks. Once I could see the changes, I knew I had to keep going.


In less than two months I had lost 75 lbs. I set a goal to run 5k’s and compete in triathlons. Working extremely hard helped me complete The Ozark Valley Triathlon in three hours flat and The Shark Sprint Triathlon in two hours and ten minutes.

Running through the finish at the Ozark Valley Triathlon

Running through the finish at the Ozark Valley Triathlon

I kept the weight off for about two years. My next goal was to run a half marathon. I would run 11 miles every other day until one day, I found it difficult to run more than three miles. This was very frustrating to me, and thats when things starting going downhill.

Trying to finish my bachelors degree proved to be very stressful. I struggled with keeping up with school and my workouts. Then I had a  horrible roommate situation which forced me to move to a hotel for the last month of my college career. Not being able to cook or keep food in my room, made it hard for me to eat healthy. I quickly gained weight and now I weigh more than I did in high school.

I am almost 26 yrs. old and do not want to live the rest of my life as an overweight person. Lets get real here… I am the only person to blame for my weight and now it is time to lose it for good.


8 thoughts on “Where to Begin…

  1. Alex,
    I know exactly how u feel and if u did it once, u can do it again! I need to do the same but I can say u have more motivation than I do since u have done this once before! I wish u the best!

  2. Good job Alex!!!! I am so proud for you. Weight loss and management is sooo hard. I’m struggling to loose some weight right now too. But stay positive and motivated. You did it once- always keep that mindset. Stay strong brother!

    • Thanks Charlotte!! It is a struggle for sure but what makes it a little easier is everyone’s support and being able to see my awesome friends competing in races (making me jealous! Haha)!

  3. HEY!!! Alex I am so proud of you. this journey is not easy and putting it all out there is so vulnerable but you are strong and CAN do this!! 8years ago i had the same journey, so i know what it takes and the focus you have to have and at times you get side tracked but you just keep going! My favorite quote when i first started my weight loss/healthy life style journey was “you have time for anything you decide to make time for”
    that quote is still on my fridge today!
    I loved that we got to do those TRIs couple summers ago. We Rocked!!
    I PROMISE to You i want to be a cheerleader for you, I will be rooting for you. I want to keep up with your progress and encourage you anytime! HUGS and PRAYERS my Friend!!
    Debbie Higgins 🙂

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